Urban Foxes

Urban Foxes is a Brussels-based non-profit organisation active in placemaking, experimental youth work, sustainability education, urban pedagogy and the development of non-formal educational tools. Since 2014, they have been striving for healthier, inclusive and co-created cities by informing, raising awareness and empowering often forgotten stakeholders. They do this by initiating and supervising concrete urban projects, linking and inspiring individuals and organisations and setting up workshops, urban design labs, lectures and trainings.

As an organisation, they are taking a resolutely glocal approach by committing to both European projects and local implementation, and in the field of urban youth placemaking participation they are internationally regarded as leading experts.

Urban Foxes is one of the initial instigators of TRACK. Until now, Urban Foxes has been largely nomadic, lacking a physical office. With TRACK, this changes, and the organisation will have its first permanent base from which to develop its operations, providing the space for the gatherings of youngsters from the Academy for Urban Action, the facilitation of European workshops and Urban Design Labs, as well as for larger conferences.