Sew For Life

Njord/Sew For Life is a project that aims to contribute to the economic emancipation and integration of female asylum seekers in Brussels.
Sew For Life offers a training program at the level of higher education, where participating women learn new skills focused on textiles and circular fashion. In addition, fortnightly classes in French and Dutch are incorporated into the curriculum. Within Sew For Life, women are given room to develop their competences, alongside learning crucial economic, administrative and social skills.

Sew For Life will take up its permanent residence in TRACK. Led by Ftouma Laayoune, there will be both weekly sewing workshops and language classes. As part of a shared workspace, Sew For Life also wants to create an environment where often isolated women can meet new people and encourage interaction between newcomers and established Brussels residents. In this way, the project hopes to support and accelerate the economic independence of these women once their legal status is in place.