Rebelle is a non-profit feminist organisation based in Brussels that aims to break down gender taboos and stereotypes. It organises social campaigns on diverse subjects including sexuality, gender-sensitive medicine, emotional labour and menstrual poverty. They see it as essential to bring people together and create links around these issues at a local level. For example, they organise a monthly literary café (a feminist book club), a 'Café au Sex' (an interactive discussion evening) and workshops. Rebelle is a relatively new player in Brussels, and through TRACK, they will continue to build their operations.

Rebelle's first major project in TRACK is "North Womxn", a photographic project examining what it means to be a womxn in the Northern Quarter, and create connection between the participants. Four workshops will be guided by photographer Monica Monté, which will culminate in an exhibition of photos exploring relations between womxn, their living environments and the city.