TRACK is an experimental crossroad linking creation, education and exhibition in Brussels’ North station. An urban lab for research into shared and mixed space usage, new forms of collaboration and a creative economy that is social, circular and financially sustainable.

TRACK is a multiyear project, supported by many partners. 

The North Quarter presents as many challenges as it does opportunities; we are aware of this and proceed step by step. In the first phase, we set up the Base Camp. The Base Camp allows us to strengthen existing relationships. Permanent residents organise their own programs and activities, and welcome their members and public at TRACK, while regular events make the space visible and connected to the city. This way, we hope to create exchange, break established patterns and foster new habits. In this phase and together with our partners, we also work on a structure that is socially and financially sustainable.

TRACK is a collaboration between LabNorth, UrbanFoxes, Academie Sint Lukas Schaarbeek, Sew4Life, Rebelle, GC Ten Noey, #BXNord and La Fourna, and was made possible through the initiative and support of 51N4E and the Flemish Brussels Fund’s program 'Community Infrastructure as incubator in Brussels'. The project is part of the SNCB's 'Life in the Station' program. For the organization of its events TRACK has a partnership with Witlof.